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Sahaja Samrudha Organic Producer Company Ltd (SSOPCL) marketed under the brand name “Sahaja Organics”, was formed in the year 2010. Modelled with a unique concept of being wholly owned by organic producers, our primary growers are committed to protecting the environment while providing diverse and wholesome food produce. With the objective of making a mark in the urban market and building a holistic brand, the Producer Company has developed a well connected network of consumers and producers for seamless procurement and supply. The Producer Company was incorporated with 10 farmers as its founder members, who have constantly dedicated themselves in promoting organic produce for rural farmers, in urban areas.


Increasing economic viability for small farm holdings, building community vitality whilst caring for the environment, Sahaja Samrudha, an organic farmers association of Karnataka, has built a peoples movement in conserving the rich biodiversity of the state. The organisation started as a farmers’ initiative to exchange ideas, seeds and share knowledge on sustainable agriculture. The organization soon realized that organic growers, especially farmers growing traditional food crops, were unable to market their produce in a fair manner. With awareness and acceptability of traditional food crops at their lowest among communities, the organic farmers would find it difficult to sell their produce in mainstream markets. Providing market support as an enabler to such organic growers was crucial to help them move up the value chain, ultimately allowing them to get their money’s worth for their produce.

Sahaja Samrudha set up a Farmer Producer Organisation, ‘Sahaja Samrudha Organic Producer Company’ that worked towards reducing the terrifying task of marketing by small and marginal producer by collectively planning for production that would not create a glut of same produce. It would aim to facilitate continuous supply of produce, procurement soon after harvest and also help add value to the produce.

Sahaja Organics, the marketing arm of Sahaja Samrudha, is not only committed to improving the livelihood of small and marginal growers but also in providing distinct, high quality and salubrious food that is fairly priced to its consumers. This was possible with its large network of about 2000 individual organic farmers and 20 organic producer groups that are spread across Karnataka and some parts of Tamil nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and West Bengal, who produce traditional varieties of variegated food crops. The Producer Company offers products at most reasonable prices to consumers without compromising on the quality, purity, richness and goodness of organic, simultaneously providing earmarked prices to its organic producers. Producers not only receive a premium for their produce but immediate payments too. The company has also shared its successful years 2014 to 2022 with its shareholder suppliers by giving back a part of the profits to its Shareholder Suppliers as withheld prices.

In the year 2019, July month our honorable prime minister Shri Narendra Modiji has, appreciated our organization in Mann ki Bath program. This is because of the farmers and our staff dedication.

The formative years of the Company was marked with numerous financial hurdles, which precipitated into marketing barriers for organic foods. The Company eventually received a loan for working capital from NABARD that helped with operations and day-to-day businesses. The Producer Company is staffed with professionals, who take all the risks and responsibilities to make profits for the company, with the underlying principles of transparency at the core of all operations.


Sahaja Organics has steadily grown by experimenting and adapting to the changing markets and this has seen a growth by an increase in number of organic farmers, increase in number of members and expansion into other states of South India and some parts of north India too. Producer Meets are organized to equip farmers with local marketing initiatives, improvise on quality, and develop pricing policy with stakeholder's consent. Consumer Meets are organized to generate awareness among the consumers about organic food, especially vegetable and fruits that would encourage them to shift towards organic food products and sustainable consumption. Farmers are therefore formed into groups for collective marketing.

The organization was the first to launch the Group Certification Programme in 2006 and to this day is the second largest group in Karnataka. Group certification for a group of committed and well-known organic farmers is now enabled in collaboration with IMO as the certification partner.

While the mission stills hold true today, the company has evolved to be a strong producer of Certified Organic foods. The line of Certified Organic Rice, nutritional rice, medicinal rice, high fibre cereals like millets, lentils, were inspired by the notion that great taste and sustainability go hand in hand. The Company has worked to create sustainable development through meeting the needs of its members and most importantly increasing their ‘Purchasing Power’. The organic food sector, virtually nonexistent just a few decades ago, has become the most prominent market opportunity for our small and marginal producers. Sahaja Organics aims to be a key player in this regard.

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