How does Sahaja Organics Works

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How does Sahaja Organics work?

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Sahaja Samrudha Organic Producer Company Ltd (SSOPCL) has been established since 2005. It has been marketing products under the brand name of “SAHAJA ORGANICS” and was registered in 2010. Conceptually it was started to involve primary producers who are the backbone of agrarian economy. Environmental protection and production of wholesome organic food is our motto and destination. We have taken upon ourselves to establish a link between the farming community and the consumers, so as to establish the required sensitivity among producers. The core team, in the company, is working towards transparent and ethical business model to benefit consumers in the long run. We intend to perpetuate organic food among our consumers.

We follow the best practices enshrined in Good Manufacturing Practice and are certified as such. We work with farmers in promoting organic produce, which obviously will be certified. Presently it is working with 500 certified farmers across the country. Certification shall be our hallmark and we will ensure this among all our farmers. Better prices through certification, helps to better livelihoods for our small and marginal farmer members. This makes our endeavor sustainable.

Producers not only receive a premium for their produce but immediate payments too. The company has also shared its successful years 2014 to 2022 with its shareholder suppliers by giving back the profits to its Shareholder Suppliers as withheld prices.

Absence of chemicals on farm produce makes food more nutritious and healthier, and also not forgetting the fact that we are making bees happier in the process.

We at Sahaja Organics sincerely believe that more people will join us in our endeavor of making communities healthier and happier, while attending to sustainable environmental needs. Research has always shown that organic and chemical free farm produce are rich in antioxidants and make meals more sumptuous and satisfying.

The company’s model of directly linking farmers with consumers has caught the attention of our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji who appreciated Sahaja Organics in his Mann ki Baat broadcast on 24th June, 2018.

We would like to impress upon consumers that farm produce under organic conditions is not easy and not the fastest way to produce. But we will all have to agree that it is the one best way. We look at the soil, sun, rain and foliage to produce what we consider good for our consumers. Can we all join to make this world a better place? Long live the Organic Movement.